November Plan and Goals for our Home and Homeschool

November Pan and Goals for our Home and homeschool

I love the crisp season of Autumn. It’s my second favorite season, next to Spring! I know, I know, that’s blasphemy in many circles. I just happen to love the spring forth of life and green everywhere, and the warming weathers are taking the winter away slightly more than the season that ends with winter coming back. Either way, I still love the colorful season of fall.

November Theme

I digress. I wanted to share our plans for this month full of changing weather and gratitude with all of you. Like many, in America, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving this November, so this month we will focus on the theme of gratitude.

November Pan and Goals for our Home and homeschool

In today’s fast-paced world, we don’t often stop and show appreciation for things in our lives. So this November we will focus on slowing back down, spending quality time with friends and family, and appreciating what we have in our lives. This year, now the Miss E is 9 and can think more abstractly, I want to try to shift the focus onto less concrete things that we have. Things that no storm or fire could ever take from us. I hope to instill in her gratitude for the relationships and love that she has in her life. That’s the goal anyways.

We’re going to focus on more indoor family time now that the weather is starting to get cool here in Colorado. We will still take advantage of the nicer days for trips to the park, but I do love hanging out near the fireplace watching movies or playing games.

School Schedule

We’ll be keeping our school schedule pretty much the same in November. We had an extended fall break with the neighborhood school, so we need to get back on track around here. We will take off for the day of Thanksgiving to have dinner with friends, as we have no family out here in Colorado, unfortunately. Other than that, we will stick with homeschool Monday thru Thursday with our day of option school on Friday. The Friday after Thanksgiving there is no options day scheduled, so we will do homeschool to help us get back on track.

November Pan and Goals for our Home and homeschool

Projects, Trips, and Events in November

Alongside our regular scheduled programming, we will have a few Thanksgiving related projects.

First, we will be assembling a gratitude tree in our home. On the tree, we can place leaves listing things that we are grateful for in our lives. We’ve all seen this on Pinterest, and I am excited to try this in our house for the first time. I’ve been reluctant to try it with only one child, but I think the whole family can benefit from this project right now.

Second, I believe that it’s time to learn the real history of Thanksgiving. I don’t want to get so deep in the gory stuff because Miss E is a sensitive soul. There’s not a lot available that fits that description, so I’ve decided to make my own. I want to share with all of you who would like to use it for my first free printable! I’m so excited about that it’s embarrassing. If you decide to use this free printable, please let me know what you like and dislike about it!

Third, cheer competitions start this month, so that will keep up extremely busy by itself. We have a couple of performances this month, and we prepare to travel for cheer in December. I worked my butt off to make sure I was off of work those weekends so I could spend the time with Miss E. I don’t want to miss a single one! I’m pumped to see the routine they’ve been working so diligently on all year.

Fourth, we will celebrate Thanksgiving! We love to get together with friends to enjoy a fantastic dinner. I doubt that I’ll be hosting this year, so I’ll have to come up with a fabulous recipe for a side or a dessert to bring and share.

Last, but not least, I am hoping to go check out the art museum in Denver. Through a grant, it’s free for all kids under 18 all of the time! I feel crummy that we haven’t been to the art museum even though we’ve lived in Colorado for six years. Although, it might be better now that Miss E is older and can enjoy seeing the art, more than she would have in previous years. They have a bunch of different art projects throughout the museum for the kids.

Overall, I want our November theme to concentrate around gratitude and spending quality time together as a family and with friends. I hope that with the cool weather will bring a slower pace and cozy days by the fireplace. And, lots of hot chocolate! Share your goals for this November in the comments box below.


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