4 Terrific Reasons to Throw Out Homeschool Curriculum

Ok, don’t throw out your homeschool curriculum just yet, but do hear me out. I am not a huge fan of homeschool curriculum. Or any curriculum for that matter.  I started to homeschool because I wanted to have a personalized education for my child. The pre-packaged homeschool curriculum just doesn’t do that for me. Don’t… Continue reading 4 Terrific Reasons to Throw Out Homeschool Curriculum


Fun-Schooling – Utilizing Educational Games

We love to reinforce topics with educational games, especially if it’s competitive. My little one seems to be very motivated to learn facts if it means winning against Mom and Dad. This was our first game haul of the year from a locally owned store called Beyond the Blackboard. If you are ever in the Denver area stop by and check them out, it’s so much fun to browse their store and chat with the people working there.


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