Summer Homeschool Plans for 2016

Our summer plans for homeschool are complete! We don’t homeschool year round necessarily, but we never stop learning as most homeschool families know.


Miss E has four literature books to read. She made my mommy heart happy when they came in the mail and she was so excited after reading the backs of the books! When she heard they were on their way I got a few groans, but now she’s excited to read them.

I spent a TON of time researching book lists, levels, and reviews to put together her reading list so I’m glad that I didn’t get push back. We’re living and learning in homeschool!

The books that I pulled from her 2016-2017 list were The One and Only Ivan by Kathrine Applegate, Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor, There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom by Louis Sachar, and last but not least The End of The Beginning: Being the Adventures of a Small Snail (and an Even Smaller Ant) by Avi. She gobbled up The End of the Beginning in two sittings and loved it!


You know me, I love STEM work. For science we are going to do a mini unit study on solar power. I have a fun book that I picked up on Amazon called Nick and Tesla’s Solar Powered Showdown: A Mystery with Sun-Powered Gadgets You can Build Yourself by Bob Pflugfelder. This is from a series of books where brothers go on adventures and they stop when they build something and give you the plans to build it along with them! She’ll be able to build a solar powered spying birdhouse, a solar powered hot dog cooker and more. I love the idea behind this book series and after we read it I will give an in depth review. It can be so hard to find good science literature for this age in my opinion.

Along with that book we have a few factual reference books to learn about how we actually harvest energy from the sun and why it’s important. Besides all the fun hands on activities in the Nick and Tesla (get it….Nikola Tesla hehe) we will also be building a solar cooker and a solar water heater from a kit and then we will move onto our Green Energy Snap Circuits to play with the solar powered gadgets. After we build from the kits and read our books I will have Miss E engineer a higher powered and more efficient solar cooker and test it out as many times as needed to get it right. We’re both excited about this unit!

Other Fun Plans – Sort of Homeschool Related

Homeschool Field Trip

Beyond that we have a list of 52 free things to do in the Denver area this summer that I put together and will share soon. Most of them are amazing hikes, easy beginner 14ers to climb, movies in the park, etc. There’s some real hidden (and not so hidden) natural gems here in Colorado that we want to explore. We also plan to go camping as we usually do. This will be a good time to build and test some solar powered cookers and other contraptions and test them out. Maybe Miss E can make us some hot dogs and bread for dinner with her solar cookers!

Garden of the Gods Homeschool Trip

Let me know in the comments what your family does over the summer. Do you school year round, do you plan educational but relaxed activities like us, or do you do summer vacation the old way and just let your brains get some much needed R&R?

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