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grammarlyI recently had the opportunity to try out Grammarly’s Free Grammar Checker. It helps to correct all grammar errors and check for plagiarism – instant and free! I wanted to share my experience. Overall, it a very robust and easy to use application. The basic premise is that after you write a document you upload it to the Grammarly site. Or, as I have done, you can download it as a browser extension and like your built in spell checker it checks grammar as you type online. There is a free version and a premium version. I have the premium version, and I am enjoying having this in my toolbag.

The free version checks 100 points of grammar, has a contextual spell checker, checks punctuation, and it works anywhere on the web.

The premium version is much more robust. It checks over 250 points of grammar, sentence structure, style checks for various writing styles, has vocabulary enhancement, has plagiarism detection, and has a Microsoft Office add-in.

I downloaded this to work in Safari and it is running checks and giving tips as I write this blog post! That’s pretty cool. I can already say that the free version is much more powerful than my regular spell checker and the premium version has been well worth it as I write blogs.

Grammarly in Homeschool

Now, how valuable is it in our homeschool? I have a 9-year-old in 4th grade. So, for us, it’s not that useful. I have had Miss E type some of her paragraphs into it and see what came up. That was interesting, and helpful, but not necessary.

I think that a premium Grammarly account would be especially relevant for middle and high school students. I would almost call this app essential for them, and for college students as well.

As you type onto the computer it pops up with suggestions. Grammarly is much like the built-in spelling and grammar checkers on the computer, but much more robust. Students can also upload documents onto the website for a full scan through.

If you’ve used Grammarly before please tell me what you think about this for homeschool! For us it’s definitely a must have for future work.

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