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2016 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

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I love this time of year! Along with all of the decorating and spending time with friends and family I really love hunting for that perfect gift. Sometimes that can be hard, especially considering all of the generic prepackaged things that are lining the shelves.

So, what’s a person to do? I love to scour the web for that perfect unique gift. For the last few years, I’ve run to Pinterest and my favorite blogs to see what was being shared. This is my first year blogging. Since I’ve gained so much from others sharing their great finds I thought I’d do a holiday series and round up some of my favorites.

First up is round up of gift ideas for women. This is generic, you’ll have to decide who these gifts are appropriate for in your life. I hope this gets you creative juices flowing for the holidays! Let’s get on to it…

Gift Ideas for Women

1. Amazon Echo – The idea of a smart home is just so much fun to think about. Then, to control it will a tower that you can talk too?! Just shut up, it’s so futuristic and I’m in love with the idea. I currently don’t have the Amazon Echo. I plan to turn our RV into a test smart home with and Echo at the heart of it. So this one would definitely be a hit in my book!

2. Along the lines of making everything digital and seamless, I’ll add the Kindle here. No more need for shelves and shelves of books for the avid reader in your life. Although I have to admit, I do love to touch rows and rows of books, there’s just something about it. No matter my love for flipping through actual books, we no longer will have space in the RV for many real life books, plus the Kindle looks really cool when you’re out in public reading.

3. Footie pajamas! Because YAAAASSS! Nothing says love like giving snuggles even when you’re not there. My favorite part about this pair, in particular, is that is has penguins <3

4. Fujifilm INSTAX mini instant camera, because who doesn’t like polaroid cameras. These are so cute and come in an array of colors to choose from. Polaroid is making a comeback!


5. Along with the same lines as a polaroid camera is the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer. This prints pictures from your phone and is compatible with both iOS and Android. Takes the hassle out of wanting a few pictures printed here and there. This is definitely on my wishlist….you go Polaroid, you show the world you’re not redundant!

6. A pizza stone! It helps make your pizza extra crispy and delicious. This one from Emily Henry is made of granite from France and can be used on gas, charcoal, or wood grills,  or in conventional and convection ovens. Win.

7. Gift a lady in your life a new coloring book. The adult coloring books are pretty in right now. This set is my favorite because it comes with a set of nice fine tip markers, has sayings that makes me giggle, and the price is right.

8. While we’re on the subject of rest and relaxation, essential oil diffusers make great gifts. They fill the house with heavenly scent using natural essential oils. If you pick one of these up as a gift, don’t forget to include a pack of essential oils. I own a few of these and they are some of my favorite things in the house.

9. Bath bombs! Need I say more. These things are AMAZING. The one’s on Amazon are pretty good, or you could pick just about anything from Lush. These are the ultimate indulgence and they make your skin SOOOOO crazy soft. Love, love, love….


Thank you for checking out my favorite gift ideas for women! I will surely add more as I find cool things I’d like to share. Please let me know what your favorite gifts to give or get are in the comments below.

This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own, and I will only recommend what I have used and has benefited my family. Revenue generated from these links supports the maintenance of this blog and my school supply addiction. If you have any questions please see my disclosure page for more details.

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